v1.72 on Nokia E71

marc howi
  • marc howi

    marc howi - 2008-10-02

    I tried installing on my Nokia E71-1 (hk version), it gives me the error message of "certificate error, contact supplier". Is there a way around this or wait for new version. Can anyone suggust an alt to oggplay for the time being to play avi.


    • Neill Mitchell

      Neill Mitchell - 2008-11-14

      The E-71 runs Symbian 9.3. This has the new platform security. It will not install any application that does not have a security certificate.

      The Ogg Player people need to get a free certificate at: https://www.symbiansigned.com/app/page

      and then sign the application.

    • Neill Mitchell

      Neill Mitchell - 2008-11-17

      Ah. Nokia have left a way in. You can turn off the certificate check (do so at your own peril!)

      Tools->Settings->Applications->Software Installation.

      Change it from "Signed Only" to "All". Enjoy Ogg player! :)


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