oggplay 2.0 ends with error -28 on nokia 5230

  • boerl

    boerl - 2010-06-12

    on startup, it displays in german: Datei auswählen . . (keine Daten) . . Abbrechen . .
    that is:

    select file  (no Data)

    with a cancel button and an empty button
    if I press cancel, the only thing I can do, it displays

    App state: 8, Error -28

    and terminates after a few secs.

    i used OggPlay 2.0 (..0.31.zip) for ARM11 and ARM9 (both have the same result) and nokia 5230 that has s60v5 to my knowledge

    i also tried an older version some weeks ago, (month may or so) with a similar error, but without the select-file screen, if that helps.

    best regards

  • boerl

    boerl - 2010-06-12

    hey it works! i made a


    directory with a ogg file in it and it works! yippie

  • boerl

    boerl - 2010-06-12

    m4a and mp3 obviously don't play though, it starts buffering until


    with a 6 digit number and then freezes, althrough the phone itself supports mp3 and m4a files.
    And actually it only plays 1 ogg file, anyone, but after playing it perfectly, it unfortunately quits without further notice and has to be restarted.
    Another thing: pressing cancel on the files screen still causes the above mentioned error -28, if anyone likes to know

  • Stuart Fisher

    Stuart Fisher - 2010-06-12

    Regarding the error message. It's supposed to do that, I'm just testing the error handling (it works!).

    There won't be mp3 support for some time. At some point I may decide to put OggPlay in the Ovi store. I'm thinking about having two versions. A free version and a version you have to pay for that has additional features (mp3 support might come into that category). I haven't made any decisions yet though as there's still lot's of work to do before we get that far.

    The next version will be able to play playlists properly, so you'll be able to play more than one ogg file at a time using them. Hopefully I'll be able to release that tomorrow evening.

    Development priorities are:
    1. Finish coding the playback engine (that's 99% done)
    2. Finish open-sourcing the code.
    3. Add support for the other ogg codecs (FLAC and Speex)
    4. Put the UI back in and design a new skin for all the new touch screen phones (your 5230, for example). I think I might just use the old P900 skin as the template, unless somebody can design me a new one.
    5. Start adding some new features. Start working on iPhone and Android versions too.

  • boerl

    boerl - 2010-06-18

    i'm pleased you were interested in my report.  thank you for sharing your work as an open source project so far!

    i just tried version 2.0 _032 witch also ends after playing but i am playing ogg files only, not playlists.
    bye + servas

  • Blake Angels

    Blake Angels - 2010-09-15

    so.. you're on version 2.0 but the app aint finished yet? dont get me wrong but this is slightly disappointing ;)

    good luck, i might check back if you're out of alpha, because the app really is promising..

  • Oksana A Tkachenko

    I have just installed OggPlay 2.0_032 on Nokia 5230. Is it a plugin for existing media player to understand Ogg files, or a separate app? If the latter, then why - I would have thought the former to be more convenient?

    How does it work, why only files from memory card E:/ can be played and not from phone memory C:/ ?

    How can I help you?


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