Certificate problem

  • Anonymous - 2008-11-02


    I try to install OggPlay S60 V3 on my Nokia E66. At the first try the phone complained about a certificate error when trying to install the fonts. I went to symbian signed and afterwards the font installation went fine. But when I tried to sign OggPlayS60V3_1_72.sis symbian signed reported:

    FAILURE: Submitted .sis file uses a UID that is not allocated to the account holder matching this email address (0xf000a661 0xf020202c 0xf01fd21d 0xf020202b 0xf01ff685 )

    But the telephone still says there is a certificate problem.

    I did a reboot after font installation

    What can be done about that?



    • Michał Faflik

      Michał Faflik - 2009-08-07

      I have a similar problem with E66. It complains about certificate at installation both fonts and application. I don't know either how Florian "went to symbian signed" - what can be done to fix this?

  • n/a

    n/a - 2010-06-28

    Just a thought,

    When I had these "certificate is too old or new" problems, changed time of phone to same day that the .sis file was created or modified. (select the one that is most sane, or try all) Then app installed without problem. Later changed time back to normal, and no problems have emerged.

  • kotpierdzibonk

    kotpierdzibonk - 2010-09-16

    All that certification stupid crap… I have nokia e51 and fortunately didn't have to go through any of those "Sign your app in 40 easy steps" tutorials available on the net. I went to Installations->App. mgr.->Options->Settings->Software Installation and chose "All". That was it! I could install with no problem. No time change needed either.


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