Tammenterho - 2008-06-27

I installed OggPlay 1.80 beta to my N95 and got it working, but with a couple of problems.

Not all ogg streams work. Ok, you have mentioned that the application plays only Icecast Ogg Vorbis, but how I can recognize whether the source was Icecast or not? I tried to play several entries found from icecast.org. Some of them worked, some others not. I tested some of the non-working entries by a player in my PC succesfully, so they are not "dead".  Does this mean that some of the oggs from icecast.org are not "Icecast Ogg"? Have you planned to support other Ogg Vorbis revisions?

Actually, the non-working items were identified successfully so that the current track title was shown, but the time didn't get running and no music played. I found a workaround discussed by iutus at Open Discussion that pausing and restarting would help but that didn't work for me.

Another problem with mp3 streams: when trying to open a stream, the program exits immediately. Seems that the program crashes, but not interfering the OS.

Simply a great software and greater it gets with those bugs/features fixed/added.