• Patrick Lucas

    Patrick Lucas - 2009-01-22


    I am new to the Nokia 9300. I know it runs Symbian S80. My problem is that OggPlay plays my OGG files through the built-in speaker even though I have a headset plugged-in to the device. The headset is recognised by the 9300 as I can see a headset icon on the screen. Any ideas?



    • Patrick Lucas

      Patrick Lucas - 2009-01-23

      A little more info.

      Version of OggPlay I have is 1.72.
      Headset is working as all other sounds such as key-clicks are redirected to the headset.

      Anybody please???

    • Patrick Lucas

      Patrick Lucas - 2009-01-23

      The bug is in OggPlay because MP3s play fine through the headset on the built-in player.


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