Feature request: bookmark functionallity

  • eirikso

    eirikso - 2005-08-08

    For podcasts and audiobooks it is important that the player you are using remember where you left off if you stop playing a file half way because these files are often very long.

    If the team could implement some kind of bookmark-functionallity (or "resume where left off...") in OggPlay it would make a mobile phone the perfect device for listening to podcasts and audiobooks.

    Anyway, it is a great player and one of the best in my small roundup here:

    Thank you for an excellent product!

    • Nick Allan

      Nick Allan - 2005-08-14

      Agreed, I'd love to see a bookmark feature for oggplay for exactly the same reasons already stated.  Being totally blind and having a nokia 6680 phone that talks and can also replace a non-accessible standalone mp3 player would be fantastic.

      Regards Nick

      • David Fishburn

        David Fishburn - 2009-04-26

        Does anyone know if this feature was roughed in at all (even if not available yet)?

        Just wondering how you would do this?
        Write out a file and one line per bookmark?

        I am also interested in using this for Audiobooks and bookmarking locations is absolutely essential.


    • Stuart Fisher

      Stuart Fisher - 2005-08-27

      This is a feature that would be good to add. I'm currently working on 1.0.8 for non-MMF but once I've got that done I'll take a look at adding bookmarks.


    • lukeskyd

      lukeskyd - 2005-10-28

      oggplay should play *.kar files support plss... none player on symbian have this feature.. could be the first..maybe??


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