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Symaxx Computer algebra system: Homepage redesign

I have redesigned the Symaxx/2 homepage to keep up with latest developments. This coincides with the release of a new version.

Posted by Markus Nentwig 2001-07-27

Symaxx on Solaris!

Symaxx 1.13 (Computer Algebra System) was released on a saturday the 14th - I hope, nobody is superstitious!
However, I tested it on Linux and Solaris - a small step for mankind, but for me...hmm... took me half a day only to get Maxima compiled there. Wrote a Howto about it, it's on the Symaxx homepage.

Posted by Markus Nentwig 2000-10-14

Symaxx computer algebra system: New homepage

The Symaxx homepage at was rewritten from scratch. Lots of pictures, some examples, links and tips.

Posted by Markus Nentwig 2000-09-09

Symaxx: new version and homepage

I have released version 1.01 of Symaxx, which is a graphical front-end for the Maxima (Gnu) computer algebra system. Also, there is now a homepage:


Posted by Markus Nentwig 2000-07-17