#18 Spelling & Grammer issues with ss-xml2word.vbs

v1.0 (example)
Anona Mice

For speed & consistency in gathering data I collect info in XML format and then convert to HTML or Word using the conversion scripts.

When converting to word using ss-xml2word.vbs I get intermittant results with a windows popup saying "There are too many spelling & gramatical errors in document 1 to continue displaying them. To check spelling and grammer for this document, choose Spelling & Grammer from the tools menu"

When this occurs all processing of the ss-xml2word.vbs script halts until you acknowledge the popup to which it continues. If this error recurs several times (e.g. converting several documents) then the windows buffer appears to fill and then the script stops all together with the following error.

"ss-xml2word.vbs(1262, 2) (null): Call was rejected by callee."

I have tried manually turning off "check spelling & grammer as you type" within word and the problems still occurs.

I tried to attached an XML file which consistentaly causes this issue incase it is related to the data and not the script, however it was too large to update. Please email me and I will send seperately.

I call the ss-xml2word.vbs from a DOS batch file which I place in front of the SYDI scripts for ease of user input and to assist in automation of repetative tasks. The relevant section of the Batch file is as below:

REM Convert SINGLE XML output to HTML
REM **************************************************************************************
SET PWD=%~dp0
SET RESULTS=%PWD%Results\ SET /P SERVER_NAME=Servername you wish to Convert:
if "%SERVER_NAME%"=="" SET SERVER_NAME=localhost
for %%i in ("%RESULTS%%SERVER_NAME%*.xml") do cscript.exe "%SYDI_TOOLS%sydi-transform.vbs" -x"%%i" -s"%XML_HTML_STYLESHEET%" -o"%RESULTS%%%~ni.html"

I will submit the entire Batch file to the community once completed as I find it useful for people who do not know scripting to still be able to document thier environment.


Anona Mice


  • Patrick Ogenstad

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: NO

    Hi Anona,

    Do you get the problem if you use the -d switch?


  • Anona Mice

    Anona Mice - 2007-09-04

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: YES


    I never tried the -d option so can't comment. Unfortuantely due to the length of time for response I no longer have the file in qestion to test again now.

    More than happy if you closed this request and I will lodge another request if it occurs again.


    Anona Mice


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