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Version 0.0.7

This new version includes basic physics support and a tool to export GtkRadiant map files to syBR scene files.

Posted by sebarnolds 2008-01-20

Version 0.0.6

The version 0.0.6 of the engine is out. The progress are moving slowly but it now has Squirrel scripting support as well as one input plugin. It is reaching a state where it can almost be used to make small 3D demos.

Note that if you have problems with the D3DX DLL missing (see README for informations about that), you must edit the OgrePluginsWIN32.cfg and put a "#" on the line with "RenderSystem_Direct3D9". Then you will be able to use the OpenGL renderer.

Posted by sebarnolds 2007-06-11

Version 0.0.5 + new website

Version 0.0.5 is out. Some great improvements and changes have been brought to the engine. It uses now Ogre3D as rendering engine and a GUI system has been implemented. TinyXML is now used instead of Expat (cleaner code thanks to TinyXML being natively C++).

CMake is used for makefiles and workspaces generations. It allows to use almost any build tool available on your platform.

Besides the website has been updated with a new design which makes it a lot nicer. It had been done some months ago but I had no time to upload it.... read more

Posted by sebarnolds 2006-11-02

Version 0.0.4 quick fix

Ooops, there was a little stupid bug which prevented the Direct3D rendering plugin to compile. I had to fix it and quickly make a new release. A few other changes have also been done.

Posted by sebarnolds 2006-05-07

Version 0.0.4 released

Version 0.0.4 is out. A lot of changes have been made to the project organization and tools / scripts to facilitate project maintenance have been written.

A new XML file handling class is now part of the package.

Check the HISTORY.txt for details about other additions.

Posted by sebarnolds 2006-05-06

Version 0.0.3 released

Third version of the engine is out. The way projects files is completely changed. It now uses makefiles under MSYS and under Linux. Visual Studio workspaces should be added in next release.
The main difference is that the code has been improved a lot.

Posted by sebarnolds 2005-12-02

Delay before new release

Sorry but there will be a delay before any new release is done.

There are several reasons for this :
- I haven't my computer for 4 weeks (technical support)
- I have a thesis to write
- There are only 24h in a day

Posted by sebarnolds 2005-02-22

Version 0.0.2 released

Second version of the engine is out, adding complete Linux support. Version 0.0.3 should arrive in the beginning of 2005.

Posted by sebarnolds 2004-12-21

Version 0.0.1 released

The initial release of the engine is out. A small demo is going with it. The version 0.0.2 is on its way...

Posted by sebarnolds 2004-11-02

Help wanted !

Our team is very small, there is only one (!!!) developper currently working on the engine. If you think you can help, don't hesitate and contact us.

Posted by sebarnolds 2004-10-25