#53 Kernel panic: Attempted to kill the idle task!

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Hi folks !

just wanted to try swsusp2 with a brand new gentoo
install... works fine (?), but a get a kernel panic on
the inital suspend. If i suspend the resumed session
again, this does not happen... i goes because the idle
task is already dead ? ;-)
i will post my /var/log/messages. Sorry for the volume,
but i though that some hardware-information might help you.

kernel is gentoo-dev-sources-2.6.7-r8 sususp2 is I did not apply the 11-bootsplash-*
patches, as they are already included in gentoo-kernel.
I got 3 failed hunks, which were all easy to fix...
(some comments where added, etc... i promise i just
copied line ;-)

ok, here the syslog...

best regards, Jens


  • Jens Braeuer

    Jens Braeuer - 2004-07-04


  • Nigel Cunningham

    Logged In: YES


    Is there any chance that this isn't suspend related? It doesn't look to be
    from the trace you provided.



  • Jens Braeuer

    Jens Braeuer - 2004-07-08

    Logged In: YES

    Sorry, but it is imo related to swsusp. The kernel panic is
    reproducable and always happens when calling the
    hibernate-script. I did the following multiple times with
    always the same result

    1. boot
    2. call /usr/local/sbin/hibernate (21:20:00 in the log)
    --> kernel panic, but system shuts down ok
    3. resume
    4. hibernate again.

    In step 4 a kernel panic never accours. It just panics when
    hibernating a "fresh" booted system.
    Apart from this, the system is stable and runs fine multiple

    regards, Jens

  • Bernard B

    Bernard B - 2004-07-12

    Logged In: YES

    It looks to me also like it's occuring while modules are
    being unloaded. Most likely is that one of your loaded
    modules doesn't unload cleanly. Try simply running "echo >
    /proc/swsusp/activate" to see if that suspends and resumes
    fine. If so, then grab the newest suspend script from the
    sourceforge download page (0.94) which doesn't unload
    modules by default.

    You can identify which module isn't unloading cleanly by
    doing an "lsmod", then rmmod each one of the modules that
    you can, one by one, until you get the kernel panic. You'll
    probably find it's specific to the gentoo kernel, so best
    tell them about it :)

  • Jens Braeuer

    Jens Braeuer - 2004-07-13

    Logged In: YES

    Thanks bernard ! you were right... it is the module
    "processor" from acpi that caused the kernel panic. I now
    compiled it in the kernel and thinks seem to work well. Are
    there more problems know with ACPI or is it just my
    BIOS/hardware/whatever ?


  • Bernard B

    Bernard B - 2004-07-13

    Logged In: YES

    It's probably a combination of the module with your
    hardware. If you can run the oops through ksymoops and send
    the result to acpi-devel or lkml (and tell them it occurs
    when unloading the module), they can hopefully do something
    about it.

    Closing the bug :)

  • Bernard B

    Bernard B - 2004-07-13
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