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SWSS-0.51-1.195 and Forums now open

OK, I've released SWSpookShare version 1.195. It fixes a lot of bugs which I missed in earlier versions because I was actually using an older version of the program. This time I was actually able to install it using the directions given in the readme and have it work.

I've also made all the forums completely open, so anyone can now comment on stuff.

Posted by TOGoS 2001-10-31

SpookShare-0.51 and SWSS-0.51-1.193

I have updated the protocol again. I realized that it was not possible to put SSSD data in a property in an SSSD file because of the way the mlset tag worked.

SWSS-0.51-1.193 Fixed a bunch of bugs, and supports the new mlset tag. You should download it.

The way it is now, you say 'mlset <propertyname>', and each line following that which starts with a backslash is appended to the value of the property, including the linefeeds at the end, except for that on the last line (in perl I just keep appending to the end of a string and then do a chop). This way, you can put any data at all into an SSSD property (though it might be ugly)

Posted by TOGoS 2001-10-16


I managed to update SWSpookShare twice today (actually 3 times, since 1.190 got released early this morning according to my clock, I guess I'm a couple hours ahead). Get version 1.192. It's fixed a lot of bugs.

Tell me, tell me, what do you see? - U2

Posted by TOGoS 2001-10-03

SpookShare 0.5

I have released the specifications for version
0.5 of the SpookShare protocol. I have also
created a SpookShare-0.5 node here on
Sourceforge ( http://swspookshare.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/ss05/ss.cgi )

I haven't yet uploaded the program, tho. I wanna make sure it works first. (It's not very user friendly right now - it's pooty useless except as a server)

Posted by TOGoS 2001-09-26


I released SWSpookShare- It makes the change that you are now warned when you first set adminpassword if admin.cgi can't write the config file. Skoo just started, so I won't be working on this quite as much as I was before (though I wasn't working on it a whole lot before anyway... maybe this won't matter. I am, however spending a lot of time playing 'Sonic Adventure' on my new Dreamcast - that's a neat game. It's too bad Sega went out of the hardware business. They never even made hard drives for the thing (though I did get a kybard). Oh well... in a few years, the PS2 should come down to a cheap price. I'll only buy one if they release a Linux kit for it though (they did for the Japaneese version, and I thought I heard about a UK one also. Don't know if the UK version would work with the USA PS2. I'm pretty sure the Jap one doesn't, though).... read more

Posted by TOGoS 2001-08-29

OK, Got on sourceforge

Hello. I've got the SourceForge account. I've made SWSpookShare- available from the project page. I've set up a simple web page at swspookshare.sourceforge.net, and am now in the process of changing all my links to point here - bleck. I wonder if I should try to set up a SpookShare node in my SourceForge cgi-bin... Prolly wouldn't generate too much traffic (since nobody's using SpookShare yet - once again: bleck)

Posted by TOGoS 2001-08-10

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