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Flash 6 / Python 2.2

I'm planning to totally refactor swocket given that Python has gone through a point version and flash has gone through a major revision since last I played with it.

I'm considering using the Twisted framework as a "host" for swocket, make it an option, or at least steal some of their good ideas, of which there are many. I do however plan to make it easier to use than Twisted's current state, as most Flash developers are definitely not experienced python veterans.

Posted by Bob Ippolito 2002-04-09

sorry about the inactivity...

Sorry about the inactivity on the project, I know I haven't updated the binaries or the CVS in months. I have been pretty busy lately with other projects, the kind that pay my bills, and have neglected my duty to write and release open sourced code.

I do have a slightly newer version than the CVS on my server, with an avatar demo. You can check it out at http://undefined.org/digiTotal/test3/ .. It works okay so far, but I'm not sure I can release it as-is, since the avatar graphics weren't done by me. Perhaps I'll release that as SWF-only w/o the FLA depending on his response. In any case, more changes are to come, and I plan on being more active with the project now that I have more time to work with.

Posted by Bob Ippolito 2001-09-30

Presentation Tonight

For those of you in or around New York... At the NMUF in Brooklyn tonight around 9-9:30ish, I'll be giving a presentation on Swocket, along with some more visual/mathematical stuff (l-systems, conway's life, etc) I've done recently. Good people will be showing their stuff, there is really no reason to miss this event. There's no cover. http://www.nmuf.org/

Posted by Bob Ippolito 2001-07-13

Documentation now available

I've gone ahead and used HappyDoc to render out documentation of Swocket. It's not entirely complete, but it should be reasonably accurate. I will attempt to keep it up to date with the CVS.

The second prerelease (downloadable!) should be out on friday.

You can access the documentation from the project homepage at http://swocket.sourceforge.net/ or directly at http://swocket.sourceforge.net/doc/

Posted by Bob Ippolito 2001-07-11

big cvs update

I've started using more python features such as __repr__, __str__ and __getattr__ to make debugging and writing modules cleaner. I've also cleaned up a few things, and done a couple little optimization tweaks.

the "bug" where I had the handle_error commented out is fixed, and the old version replaced with something that should put stack traces in the debug log. Some useless errors will go through in this version because I'm not sure exactly which exceptions I need to ignore yet, but I'll find out very soon with testing.... read more

Posted by Bob Ippolito 2001-07-10

logging support

I've just added (file) logging support to the latest CVS code.. Has _anyone_ played with Swocket yet? Just curious..

Next on my todo list is probably going to be MySQL database examples

Posted by Bob Ippolito 2001-07-08

new stuff

I've committed 6 days worth of new stuff into the archive, which puts it completely up to date. Some new demos in there. I've also started the website (http://swocket.sourceforge.net/) and will be posting live demos of Swocket in the next 24 hours.

Posted by Bob Ippolito 2001-07-05


I've been working nonstop on this sucker all weekend, I'll be including a subframework for running a game network with the first release.. a la http://www.electrotank.com/ - only it'll be open source! And I'm not going to code a minigolf game for you... but I will give you tic tac toe (wow) and maybe some other goodies.

I'm currently working off of a local CVS so the stuff on the project page will be a bit dated. Stay tuned though, this is gonna be interesting.... read more

Posted by Bob Ippolito 2001-07-01

first cvs import!

I've imported my existing CVS tree to the server. The code is currently usable, but I plan to make some more examples and a few changes to the organization before I do a release. If you're anxious, check it out.

Posted by Bob Ippolito 2001-06-28