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Version 4.0.0 of SwisTrack

In version 4.0.0, SwisTrack has been completely redone with a modular structure. The GUI and the stability have been really enhanced. This release include drivers for interfacing with firewire cameras.

Posted by Pierre Roduit 2008-02-29

SwisTrack v.3.0.0: First productive release

This is the first productive release of SwisTrack's 3er series. Please let us know any problems you encounter using Sourceforge's bug tracking system.

Posted by Nikolaus Correll 2006-10-23

SwisTrack documentation as WikiBook

We set up a WikiBook for incrementally documenting SwisTrack's features at


Of course, your contributions are appreciated!

Posted by Nikolaus Correll 2006-09-30

SwisTrack File Release

A Windows installer containing Visual Studio 2005 runtime libraries is available from today.

Posted by Nikolaus Correll 2006-09-29

SwisTrack on SVN

The first working revision of SwisTrack has been upload on the SVN server.

Posted by Pierre Roduit 2006-06-21