Can't use SFK on Fedora14

  • Waheed

    Waheed - 2011-09-26

    Dear all, I'm wondering on how i can install and run SFK on fedora 14, I tried to download .zip file and unzip it, but nothing happens.

    I want to use this command to print colored text in any script, Do any one have any ideas on how i can print some lines in color and others in another color.

    Appreciate if anyone can help.


  • Waheed

    Waheed - 2011-09-26

    Dear all,

    I have downloaded sfk163-linux-exe and changed its name to sfk and moved it to /usr/bin/

    Now when i execute sfk echo "Hello", it prints Hello in its default color which is Black, why is it not working and apply the change?

    Any ideas?

  • stahlworks

    stahlworks - 2011-09-26

    Color output is switched off under linux by default because SFK cannot identify if your terminal has a black or white background. So if the SFK help output simply starts printing white text on a white background it would be unreadable.
    You have to tell SFK how your terminal looks like.

    On a white background terminal, type
    export SFK_COLORS=on,theme:white

    On a black background terminal, type
    export SFK_COLORS=on,theme:black

    and then retry your sfk echo. Type "sfk help color" for details.

  • stahlworks

    stahlworks - 2011-09-26

    And to use SFK after downloading the .zip file, first run

    sh do-prep-linux-bin.bat

    which does

    cp uxbin/sfk-linux.exe ./sfk
    chmod +x ./sfk

    to prepare the sfk binary for use under linux.

  • Waheed

    Waheed - 2011-09-26

    Thanks a lot stahlworks, I have exported the variable SFK_COLORS, and it worked fine

    Appreciate your help.


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