MSDOS history fix?

  • periboob

    periboob - 2014-07-18

    I dont do much command line stuff any more, but I still have a few tools that I use frequently, not anything enough to batchify, I just type in and run when needed. A thing that frustrates me is the lack of persistent history in the MSDOS world. I would love to be able to have my commands from yesterday be available to recall with a few taps of up-arrow, tweak a little, and reuse. Any hope of creating a SFK macro to save and restore? Is it already there and I missed it? It is irritating that this is not a built-in feature in MSDOS as it is in Linux.

  • stahlworks

    stahlworks - 2014-08-12

    sfk has no control about the command history of the windows shell. it is just another command called by the windows shell (CMD.EXE).

    however there are many alternatives to CMD.EXE, like for example the powershell, or just google for "cmd.exe alternative". i haven't tried any of these, i don't know if sfk is fully functional within these shells, but if an extended history function is important for you then you may try them.


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