Error message "loading failed (11)"

  • vjfsi

    vjfsi - 2013-05-03

    I was trying to get a listing of all the files in a nested archive using
    sfk -arc list filename > list.txt

    I got the "loading failed (11)" message on some of the zip files within the zip. (eg error: loading failed (11): D:\A350\Disk2_408160\\MANUALS_CONFIGURATION_DATA\00\00\

    The debug option didn't give any more details. I can manually open the zip files it complains about using windows explorer.

    Any idea what error code 11 means?


    sfk Windows version 1.6.7 running on Win7 (32 bit).

  • stahlworks

    stahlworks - 2013-05-03

    Code 11 is the PK_FIND error code, used in the InfoZIP
    unzip 5.52 source code for extracting zip files.
    It can mean "no files found" in an archive,
    but also many other things, like a zip
    with unknown format or unreadable content listing.

    If Windows explorer can extract the file it does not mean
    that SFK can. For further examination, extract the outer
    and then the inner zip file with the original UnZip 5.52
    command line tool, as available from
    and see if unzip.exe complains about anything.
    Maybe it's a 64 bit zip file (not supported) or
    it was created with unsupported extensions.

  • vjfsi

    vjfsi - 2013-05-07

    Thanks. I hope this isn't a double post - the last one didn't seem to make it on the forum.
    I tried unzip 5.52 and it extracted the inner and outer files ok. On the inner zip files, it did give a warning about using backslashes as path separators, but no errors. viz.

      inflating: V00500103.pdf
    T18\  mismatching "local" filename     (T18/,
         continuing with "central" filename version
    warning: appears to use backslashes as path separators
      inflating: T18/
    T18\Report_A350_TRT_018.xls:  mismatching "local" filename     (T18/Report_A350_TRT_018.xls),
             continuing with "central" filename version
      inflating: T18/Report_A350_TRT_018.xls

    (All of the files in both the outer and inner zips gave the mismatching filename warning).

    It looks like sfk is treating unzip's warning as an error and not listing any files, not even the pdf before the backslash warning.
    Is there a way to tell sfk to ignore warnings for the list option?

    Last edit: vjfsi 2013-05-07
  • stahlworks

    stahlworks - 2013-05-09

    There is no option to tell the Unzip core to ignore warnings,
    as this may also cause the tool to crash instead of just printing an error,
    depending on the warning's reason.
    Please investigate how the zip file was created. Most probably,
    it was not created with the original InfoZIP zip.exe tool
    but some other program. Then try to create a small example zip file
    in the same way that reproduces the error. Then you may mail this
    to support (at) If I can reproduce the behaviour
    on my side, i will take a deeper look if the warning is of
    trivial nature and can be skipped safely by a code change.

    • vjfsi

      vjfsi - 2013-05-13

      Unfortunately the file was created by a 3rd party and I'm unable to find out exactly how it was created. I suspect the inner zip was created on a linux system and the outer zip on a windows system. Other than that, I'm afraid I can't help much.
      Thanks for the support and for looking into this.


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