sfk run parallel

  • Corina

    Corina - 2012-06-29

    I think would be useful, run many commands at the same time. This could be useful for example to use the curl command.

  • stahlworks

    stahlworks - 2012-07-02

    With SFK under linux, you may simply add the ampersand "&" in a run command, like in

    sfk list mydir .txt +run "cp #file otherdir &"

    and it should run all commands in parallel. I didn't test this so far, but maybe it works.

  • Corina

    Corina - 2012-07-03

    Hi, I am working on windows and couldn't find a way to make it. So I modified a batch file to run X "services" at the same time from a queue. But I thought that could be nice to have a command in sfk that allow it more easily.

  • stahlworks

    stahlworks - 2012-07-04

    Did you try "start"? For example,

    sfk list mydir .txt +run "start yourcommand $qfile"

    Be cautios, this will open one cmd window per file, so don't try it with many files.
    The start command has many options, so possibly the windows can be shown minimized somehow.
    Just type "help start" in the commandline.
    Even if I would add an option to SFK to run commands in parallel,
    the result may simply do the same, and may show many windows like that.

  • Corina

    Corina - 2012-07-04

    Ok, thanks.


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