New feature request:Find text between strings

  • error

    error - 2008-08-23

    I would love to have in SFK the option to show the text which is between the strings positions I found using its advanced search features.

    E.g. (just examples)
    First I search e.g for word auto, which is on row with yesterday's date and time above 14 oclock.
    Second I search e.g. for words dynamic which is on row with today's date and together with word red and number lower than 5.

    I found that both searches find several rows which match. I should be able to define if this function will return text between two first findings or maybe last two findings. :)

    Such functionality is missing in any other tool for command line text handling.

    • stahlworks

      stahlworks - 2008-08-26

      sorry, i do not understand the request. you seem to define a complex query like "select contains(auto) AND date==yesterday AND time < 14 AND contains(dynamic) AND contains(red) AND number < 5" which is more like SQL but nothing sfk could ever do.

      maybe you could list 20 to 50 lines of example data, then tell with what sfk command you currently select text from that, and what is missing in the output?

      the next release will provide a new option

         sfk filter mytext.txt -inc foo to bar

      which strips every line except those in a text block between foo and bar. maybe that's in your direction?


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