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SwingOSC v0.70

This version is intended to be used with SuperCollider 3.5.1

- new components: JSCWebView, based on JxBrowser; JSCLevelIndicator (still very plain); native JSCKnob
- fixes: JSCButton modifiers; s.meter returns window; JSCWindow full screen and alpha; initial JSCNumberBox space; sub-pixel coordinates in user view, envelope view and multislider view; unicodes in JSCTextField despite sclang's broken Char/String interaction; JSCView bounds argument is copied (fixes mutability)
- updates: speech works with newer freetts, PDF example uses newer iTextPDF
- adds various methods required for smooth operation with SC 3.5: JSCFont; shutdown hooks (thanks to james harkins); SwingDialog.openPanel; JSCWindow.drawHook deprecated; JPen.lineDash accepts empty array; JSCView has mouseWheel, mouseEnter, mouseLeave, onMove and onResize methods
- uses Nimbus look-and-feel for default components, and Nimbus resembling style for custom components. Add --nimbus switch to command line.
- more consistent component naming: JFont becomes JSCFont, JSpeech becomes JSCSpeech, JStethoscope becomes JSCStethoscope, JTexturePaint becomes JSCTexturePaint, JFreqScope becomes JSCFreqScopeWindow, JSC2DSlider becomes JSCSlider2D
- slight changes: JSCWindow appears centred on screen by default
- regression: the native tablet view is currently disabled
- switched from SourceForge/svn to GitHub/git
- switched from Eclipse/ant to IntelliJ IDEA/sbt for development
- now includes JMF (for JSCMovieView)
- SwingOSC.jar now in base directory... read more

Posted by sciss 2012-04-12

SwingOSC v0.61

This version is intended to be used with SuperCollider 3.3.0. Changes:

* Server: performance improvement, improved booting from SC
* SC classes: moved OSX specific stuff to separate folder, adding (still experimental) JSCMenuNode, JPen (joinStyle_, lineDash_, alpha_), adding JavaObjectD, SwingGUI (stringBounds), JSCTextView (open, linkAction), JSCContainerView (relativeOrigin), JSCWindow (initAction, toFrontAction, endFrontAction), JSCView (absoluteBounds, focusGainedAction, focusLostAction), JSCUserView (relativeOrigin true), JSCPeakMeter added, JSCEnvelopeView (all curve shapes should work now), keyboard value scrolling (for JSCSlider etc.)
* Refactoring: using ScissLib (application framework with window handler customization), now JCollider (for peakmeter, in future version for scope etc.)
* Bug fixes: 2037842, 2482337
* New features: 1849186 ... read more

Posted by sciss 2009-05-21

SwingOSC v0.60


* sc classes: fixes for control rate scoping, JSCView (handleKeyUp/DownBubbling, focusColor_ dummy,), JPen (addArc, addWedge, addAnnularWedge, setSmoothing), JSCListView (bounds), JSCTextView (bounds, open), adding coarse String-bounds estimator,
* synced with new NetUtil and common classes version
* fixed loopback for -h rendezvous option (addresses problems on Linux and Windows Vista)
* Mac OS X tablet library now universal binary... read more

Posted by sciss 2008-05-02

TabletView now Universal Binary

in the latest SVN revision (58), the JNI tablet library on Mac OS X is now compiled as a universal binary, so it works both on PPC and Intel. The corresponding Xcode project and sourcecodes are included, too. See JSCTabletView.html for installing instructions.

Posted by sciss 2008-02-24

SwingOSC 0.59

this incorporates a number of small fixes of bugs that have been reported in the last weeks.

* sc classes: JavaObject (added double underscore syntax, calling prRemove from JSCPlug(Container)View)
SwingOSC (separate java field, faster booting, bootSync fix)
SwingOptions (javaOptions field)
SwingGUI (updated)
JSCMultiSlider (valueAction_ fix)
JSCPopUpMenu (value_ fix)
JSCListView (value_ fix)
removed JEZSlider, JEZNumber.
* java classes: DummyTransferHandler sends file-lists... read more

Posted by sciss 2008-02-03

SwingOSC 0.58

a rather big cleanup update. changes:

* sc classes: SwingOSC (aliveThread has longer timeout, improved isLocal detection), JavaObject (added print, isNull, notNull methods), extSwingOSC (fixed asSwingArg implementations, removed jinspect, jplot, jmakeWindow, jscope, jbrowse)
* sc gui classes: JSCWindow (added resizable_, redefined drawHook refresh policy, cocoa-bounds translation look-and-feel independant, added scroll argument to contructor), JSCNumberBox (drag'n'drop fixed), JSCTextField (drag'n'drop fixed), JSCUserView (added mousePosition, clearOnRefresh_ methods), JSCPlug(Container)View (improved doesNotUnderstand), JSCView (proper layout manager validation with bounds_ and visible_, added addAction and removeAction methods), SwingGUI (added tabletView, scrollView), extCocoaCompat (removed methods that have been added to the standard library), JSCTextView (fixed property changes when document is empty), removed JSCScrollPane, JStartRow, added JSCScrollView, JSCScrollTopView, JSCTabletView
* sc helper classes improvements: Collapse (function call error protection), Insets (added leftTop method), added UpdateListener
* sc help files: completed, partly reformatted
* java classes: SwingOSC (fixed checkMethodArgs type priorities)
* java gui classes: ActionResponder (bug fix), WindowResponder (bounds-to-cocoa translation), ColliderLayout (to work with scrollview), MouseResponder and ComponentResponder (to work with relativeOrigin parents), ContentPane (extracted from Frame), DummyTransferHandler (preserve clipboard cut/copy/paste actions), Frame (scroll support, cocoa-bounds translation, setAlpha method), NumberField (String based setNumber method to avoid roundoff errors), Pen (fixed stroke shape transform when shearing, support for relativeOrigin, bug fixes), RangeSlider (more pretty knob scaling)
* java helper classes: AudioFile (added retrieveType method)

Posted by sciss 2008-01-21

SwingOSC 0.55

this is a maintainance update and recommended for all users

Posted by sciss 2007-09-25

SwingOSC 0.54

new in this version:

* osc commands: added remove and update commands to "/classes"
* sc classes: added JSCScrollBar, updated SwingGUI, SwingOSC, caching option for JSCSoundFileView, curve shapes for JSCEnvelopeView

Posted by sciss 2007-07-30

SwingOSC 0.53

new in this version

* updated NetUtil, assuring UTF-8 string encoding
* fixed -h option
* sc classes: updated SwingGUI, crucial support, various fixes

Posted by sciss 2007-07-02

SwingOSC 0.52

* bug fixes: JSCWindow-bounds
* new classes: JKeyState, JStartRow, SwingGUI
* help files converted to HTML (c. 2/3 still need proper clean-up though)

Posted by sciss 2007-04-14

SwingOSC 0.513

a small update to 0.512 that fixes a number of recently reported bugs (JSCView.bounds_, JSCEnvelopeView.value_, JSCPopUpMenu.item_, JSCListView.item_)

Posted by sciss 2007-04-08

SwingOSC 0.512

a small update to 0.51 ; 0.511 fixed obsolete SCClassLibrary folder. 0.512 fixes NetUtil.jar java 1.4 compatibility, argument in JSCWindow -> drawHook invocation, JPen bug with bundle size calculation

Posted by sciss 2007-03-07

SwingOSC 0.51

this is a small update that fixes a number of annoying bugs. still to do is OSC buffer overflows with huge drawFuncs that contain JPen.font_ and JPen.stringInBounds methods.

Posted by sciss 2007-03-03

Bug tracking

I've started monitoring bugs here:


feel free to add bugs that you find.

Posted by sciss 2007-03-01

SwingOSC 0.50 released

This version mainly brings updated SuperCollider classes. These make SwingOSC come very close to full compatibility with Cocoa GUI. Namely, the container views (JSCCompositeView, JSCHLayoutView) have been fixed, resize functionality has been added, numerous bugs have been fixed, numerous missing methods have been implemented, missing gadgets have been added (JSCEnvelopeView, working JSCTextView).

Posted by sciss 2007-02-09

SwingOSC 0.44

the new version fixes a few bugs and adds new supercollider classes (JSCSoundFileView, a really basic JSCMovieView, extra classes JSCCheckBox and JSCTabbedPane). please read the "readmes" carefully to avoid problems with the installation.

Posted by sciss 2006-12-14

SwingOSC 0.43 and Psycollider

here is a message from c.f. regarding the compatiblity of SwingOSC 0.43 with the current IEM version of Psycollider:

"In the meanwhile I suggest either use your updated SwingOSC from the command line or hack your way through setting the server options etc. and boot it from within lang and ignore the bat-file [ = SwingOSC.bat ]."

read also the discussion on sc-users (dec.2006)

Posted by sciss 2006-12-09

Problems with duplicate GUI.sc

an issue with version 0.43 is the contained GUI.sc file. in current version, SuperCollider already comes with this class, and the duplicate existance causes problems. If the file GUI.sc exists in SuperCollider's class library folder (SCClassLibrary/Common/GUI/GUI.sc), please delete the GUI.sc file from SwingOSC's class library folder to avoid problems with SuperCollider. GUI.sc will be removed from the next SwingOSC version.

Posted by sciss 2006-12-06

SwingOSC 0.43 compatibility!

important: SwingOSC 0.43 requires a recent SuperCollider version (around October 2006) because the JFont initializer calls the Main->platform method which was only recently introduced. If you get an error after class compile "ERROR: Message 'platform' not understood." you have a too old class library. If you don't want to update, you can go into JFont.sc, look up the *initClass method and change it as follows:... read more

Posted by sciss 2006-11-17

SwingOSC 0.42

this update mainly includes the updated NetUtil and comes with TCP support (which is default now). there are still some issues with SuperCollider (e.g. it crashes when the server disappears), so you may want to switch back to UDP. TCP has the advantage of having solved the lost-osc-messages problem once and for all (hopefully). besides, some minor improvements in the GUI classes have been made. And last not least, this makes java prototyping way easier as classes can now be dynamically added to the class loader's path! have fun...

Posted by sciss 2006-10-04

speeding things up!!

if you use a refresh compile of SuperCollider from svn as of 31-may-06, you can savely add this line in your startup file "~/scwork/startup.rtf" :

SwingOSC.default.slowOSC = false;

as the recent SuperCollider version uses a bigger OSC buffer and doesn't seem to exhibit the message dropping bug any more. the next release of SwingOSC will have slowOSC deactivated again by default.

Posted by sciss 2006-05-31

SwingOSC 0.40 released

ahoi! this update brings a change in the OSC syntax (using special string arguments instead of nested message blobs) that makes SwingOSC for the first time usable outside SuperCollider, e.g. in Pure Data. a simple PD demo is included. For SuperCollider, the biggest change is the new JPen and JSCUserView classes.

Posted by sciss 2006-04-26

SwingOSC 0.36

this version offers enhanced supercollider classes ; cleanup has been improved to minimize memory footprint , drag-and-drop and keyboard support have been added.

Posted by sciss 2005-12-26

Installation on Linux!

Note that on Linux the SwingOSC folder in the SCClassLibrary folder should go into SuperCollider's extention folder, not in the SCClassLibrary folder!


ln -s /usr/share/SwingOSC/SuperCollider/SCClassLibrary/SwingOSC /usr/share/SuperCollider/Extensions/SwingOSC

ln -s /usr/share/SwingOSC/SuperCollider/Help/SwingOSC /usr/share/SuperCollider/Help/SwingOSC

also note that to use the bash file SwingOSC.sh, you should remove the -Xdock options for java since the VM on linux will complain otherwise. Your SwingOSC.sh file could look like this:... read more

Posted by sciss 2005-12-21

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