#2 Replacing CPLEX Concert API with swIMP / CLP

v1.0 (example)

Dear swIMP Team,

I am developing energy market models in Java based on Linear Programming. So far I have been using the CPLEX Solver with the Concert API. But I would like to migrate to open software and hence to get rid of this proprietary CPLEX stuff. Particularly the CLP solver seems to be suitable. So I am glad that you just updated your project.

BUT: My problem is, that although I know something on programming in Java and other languages, I have no experiences in JNI and programming in C / C++.

I hate to ask this newby questions, but if you can briefly outline the steps necessary to build / compile the C/C++ part (and eventually point me to the necessary tools), I would highly appreciate this (I am on a Win32 platform). I already read through the docs, but I am obviously lacking too much background on C / C++ and JNI to follow the instructions. Nevertheless I would really like to start implementing swIMP, and am highly optimistic, that – once reached the safe shore of Java coding again – it will greatly help to migrate my models to a fully open framework.

Any small hint is appreciated.

Thank you very much for your efforts and this project.


email: wilderisi (at) wildpferd.de


  • combean

    combean - 2008-07-31

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    Unfortunately, I am lacking a Windows development environment and was thus not able to port and test swIMP on any version of the Windows platform.

    However, the techniques that swIMP uses are portable to Windows:

    1. SWIG (which generates the wrapper for the C++ classes and the JNI layer between Java and C++) can also be used on Windows, cf. http://www.swig.org/Doc1.3/Windows.html#Windows

    2. The way to include native code via JNI is very similar under Windows and Unix, cf. http://java.sun.com/docs/books/jni/html/jniTOC.html

    If anybody would be willing to do a Windows port of swIMP, we would greatly appreciate this and provide support where we can.

  • combean

    combean - 2008-07-31
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