At 12:28 PM -0600 2006-11-27, David Beazley wrote:
Since there seems to be a favorable opinion of migrating to 
subversion, I would like to set up some procedure for going about 
it.   Can we set up a specific date for making the migration?  A 
separate date for cutting off CVS commits? Also, can we get some 
volunteers for helping out?  In the meantime, I'm going to continue
to use CVS.

Everybody I know says that if you're switching, you want to skip over subversion.

Below is what one friend says


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I believe meta-cvs, a front end to cvs written in CL, does
what you want.  But everyone has to buy into using it.  There
are many vcs now that does what you want and more.

There are other comparisons floating about.

The FreeBSD project is looking at moving to one of mercurial,
svk or git.  Apple moved from cvs to svk (IIRC) a while ago.

At my company we switched to svn and now I am totally biased
against it even though I had suggested it(early days it was
unstable and it used berkeley DBM for storage but now you
have a choice of mysql etc).  mercurial (hg) seems quite
decent.  git I know nothing about that except Torvalds
devotees like it.

I personally like darcs.  But for a new project that will
have zillion lines of code I'd recommend switching to hg.  In
spite of its name it is not temperamental.

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> Such comparisons don't have a yes/no on this question: can you issue a single
> command to check in all changes since last checkout, including deletions, re
> names, and modifications?

Yes.  hg, svk, darcs, git all do it.  Including any file/dir renames/deletes.

> And the only way one can pick such a complex and important thing as a vcs is
> to ask around.  There are too many important issues that tables like that nev
> er address, like "Is it a piece of crap?" ;-)

Google for a comparison of the above.  You will find that
four out of five dentist recommend hg (mercury) fillings.

> >There are many vcs now that does what you want and more.
> Can you name one that is free?

There are at least a dozen that are free including the above

Without knowing more I'd say use hg as it is quite efficient,
actively maintained, no crashes (written in python) and while
quite not as state of the art as darcs, it is pretty close to
it (and far ahead of cvs) and scales better.

I find darcs the easiest to use.  I trust it more since it
was primarily written by one person and who understands
correctness and such.

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Here is one useful comparison link: