There was a mention of the doxygen branch on the swig users list a few weeks ago. I checked it out, and was able to coax some javadoc out of it. However there were three serious issues:

1. The doxygen parser uses string-tagged objects and there seems to be some confusion between the "plainstd::string" tag and the "plainstring" tag. I had to tweek a couple conditions to get any output.

2. The javadoc generator tries to sort elements of the documentation into an approved order: brief, description, param, return. Apparently, this is not quite fully implemented: The lines making up the paragraphs in the body of my descriptions were "sorted", scrambling the sentences.

3. swig directives between the doxygen comment and the function definition seem to dissasociate the two; no javadoc will be generated if e.g. an %apply comes between the comment and the definition. This is a problem for me, because some of my doc comments are more than a screen long, making it impractical to use a directive 60 lines away from where it will have its effect.

An additional minor issue was that the javadoc generator attempts to re-flow text to a specific fixed width. Unfortunately, the description text is re-flowed as multiple individual lines. This creates line breaks that are arguably uglier than the problem being addressed.

I am willing to try and take on some of these issues because I need the documentation capability, but I would need some direction about how to proceed..