We have just switched to git (hosted on bitbucket) for fenicsproject.org. Most core developers are still getting used to git. However we have adopted a modified version of gitworkflow as our develomemt model. For now we just use the subset of gitworkflow that PETSc is using. See:


for more information. Maybe these strategies can inspire a structure for SWIG development?


On Apr 25, 2013 10:54 PM, "William S Fulton" <wsf@fultondesigns.co.uk> wrote:
On 24/04/13 01:26, Alexey Sokolov wrote:
> 20.04.2013 01:28, William S Fulton пишет:
>> but it
>> seems that git bisect doesn't like branches,
> Where did you get this?.. git bisect has no problems with branches.
> Well, branches is everything git is about

Bisect works with branches, but not very well from the view of some
experienced users such as explained here:


My main problem is with long topic branches, which although works to
some degree with git bisect, I'm more concerned about being able to
easily work out what the hell is going on. As soon as we started using
git, the branching got out of hand, until I started avoiding it for pull
requests. Take a look at the log for the 1st month of using git until I
started to use 'git am' for pull requests::

   git log --oneline --graph rel-2.0.9..38d454a1

You just can't tell what is going on. If the branches were always
rebased little topic branches like:

   git log --oneline --graph ee2b46ab..670962cf

then the development is mostly linear and branching is comprehensible,
and from what I read git bisect has more chance of working easily.

Eventually I guess we'll write some notes on how to submit the ideal
pull request/patch and how to apply it. Meanwhile, I'm only just
learning git and forming impressions of good work flows, so experienced
git users can advise.


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