On Jun 6, 2013 4:58 PM, "Sylvestre Ledru" <sylvestre.ledru@scilab-enterprises.com> wrote:
> Hello William,
> We are in the process of finishing the SWIG / Scilab support.
> Simon, as C/C, is currently working on fixing the tests.
> However, the STL tests are failing. They require quite some works and we
> don't think they will be used by the SWIG/Scilab users (too complex in
> term of usage).
> Would you agree on the merge even if the STL support is not there ?
I'm not sure I entirely agree. The main strengths of Swig compared to other wrapping tools are the c++ support including STL and multiple target language support that is fairly consistent. By omitting the STL in new target languages, it will degrade the overall Swig experience disappointing users.

Most c++ users will also use string and vector, probably more than half of projects. If there is any compromise, then these two must be supported at a minimum. If this is difficult then there is something wrong because it should be a simple adaptation of C strings and arrays. It should take in the order of a few days at most if the rest of the module is up to scratch. There are also lots of runtime tests in other languages which greatly eases the implementation as translating these from another language is quick compared to the usual considerable time it takes to write the tests.

If you want to avoid the whole UTL approach for providing STL support take a look at the earlier STL wrappers for the scripting languages or even the simple Java approach.

Before merging I would like to review the module and would encourage others to also do so.

It is good to hear that this module is maturing and I have cc'd swig-devel for further discussion.