On 21 March 2013 21:49, Klaus Kaempf <kkaempf@suse.de> wrote:
* Rodolfo Ochoa <rodolfo.ochoa@gmail.com> [Mar 21. 2013 22:02]:
> - download and unpack zorba
> - go to swig
> - edit zorba_api.i
> - comment:
> 30: #ifndef SWIGRUBY
> 32: #endif
> so, now std_vector.i is included with Ruby
> try building after that...

LOL - yeah, now fails also for me.

It looks like a name clash to me. Zorba and Swig define an 'Iterator'
class. My Swig knowledge is insufficient to come up with a quick
solution, however.

Can you post zorba_apiRUBY_wrap.cxx online somewhere along with the matching compiler error including line numbers and I'll take a quick look? Is the Zorba Iterator class in a namespace, or can you point me to the class declaration?