Hello everyone!

This is my first report on my project. I'm working on Doxygen documentation comments parsing and converting to other languages. I'm going to tell you about my progress in my blog, as well as here.

Actually, I haven't started coding during the previous week, I had an exam time in my university and was not able to work. But I'm starting right now.
By now I have read all the documentation about doxygen and javadoc, studied the structure of test-suites and created the project plan. This week will be dedicated to tests and documentation, and my first task would be to fix parsing errors and provide good tests to cover supported cases.

I also wanted to ask the community: what is your proposals to this project, what are the features of documentation comment parsing (except for janguage support, mentioned somewhere on the list) you wanted to see? I would be glad to hear any ideas and suggestions!

Dmitry Kabak