Hi William,

2012/8/10 William S Fulton <wsf@fultondesigns.co.uk>
Hi Dmitry

I was just wondering about the Doxygen work. I read in one of the commits that all the doxygen commands can be parsed. What happens if a new doxygen command is added in the future? Will SWIG then error out or just give an unsupported doxygen command warning?

Thank you for asking, it was a bug there. Right now it will silently ignore it. But I'll definitely add a warning. There is an ideology (that is stated in docs) that Doxygen parser module should never fail SWIG. So it will only produce some warnings and in worst case some info in comments will be missing. But the main code will still be generated.
Also, according to the Doxygen docs, unidentified commands should be left as-is, untranslated and untouched.

I also saw the project plan describing which command are and aren't supported. Can this be put into the documentation at some point as a table of features against target language support (eg pydoc and javadoc)?

It's already there, see Doxygen.html in Doc/Manual folder.


Dmitry Kabak