So I finally found someone who could help me :

So now I can actually pass a managed array as parameter for the method:

// packer.i
typedef struct {
  int width;
  int height;
  frame_t view;
  frame_t dest;
} image_t;

CSHARP_ARRAYS(image_t, image_t)

%apply image_t INOUT[] { image_t *images }

int pack(image_t *images, int nb_images, parameters_t params);


// packer.cs
public static int pack(image_t[] images, int nb_images, parameters_t arg2)


But I still have a protected memory access problem. Actually, in the the image_t structure, the frame_t view and frame_t dest are output properties, but I'm guessing the wrapper uses them as read-only.

How can I tell SWIG that the unmanaged DLL can modify the two frame_t members of the image_t structure ?

Thanks !

2014-06-30 14:48 GMT+02:00 ThomasB <>:
I'm using SWIG 3 to generate a C# wrapper around a C library called "packer".

My packer.h looks like this (simplified) :

typedef struct {
        int width;
        int height;
        frame_t view;
        frame_t dest;
} image_t;
int pack(image_t *images, int nb_images, parameters_t params);

I have tried with a "naïve" packer.i file:

%module packer_cs
%include "carrays.i"
    #include "packer.h"
%array_class(image_t, image_t_array);
%include "packer.h"

It generates a C# method like this:

  public static int pack(image_t images, int nb_images, parameters_t arg2) {
    int ret = packer_csPINVOKE.pack(image_t.getCPtr(images), nb_images,
    if (packer_csPINVOKE.SWIGPendingException.Pending) throw
    return ret;

That I use like this (C#):

// images is a List<image_t>
var images_array = new image_t_array(images.Count);
for (var i = 0; i < images.Count; i++)
        images_array.setitem(i, images[i]);
var result = packer_cs.pack(images_array.cast(), images.Count, param);

Two questions:

* The last line throws an AccessViolationException (trying to read or write
from/to protected memory). Any idea why, or how I can debug it?

* This looks unnatural to me (and the library wrapper might be used by,
let's say, not-top-notch developers). I would rather pass a C# array of
image_t to my method. I've tried adding %apply image_t INPUT[] { image_t
*images } to my packer.i file, but now SWIG tells me : "Warning 453: Can't
apply (image_t INPUT[]). No typemaps are defined." I have a very hard time
finding proper documentation for this thing. Any help ?

Thank you!

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