in this case the "type" is a varargs list and the processing of that list depends on if the method is static or not because the first arg could be the this pointer or it might not be.  So it is a type issue.

On Thu, Aug 8, 2013 at 2:30 PM, William S Fulton <> wrote:
On 17/06/13 14:54, sehmann wrote:
We need to detect in a typemap whether a wrapped method of a class is a
static method or a non-static method.  I noticed that there is a $static but
that only seems to apply to Java?  I tried and it didn't work for tcl.  We
are wrapping our code for tcl, perl, and python.

I am willing to use a hack temporarily until this is fully supported.

Why do we need this? We are processing varargs using our own loop and need
to avoid the first element for non-static methods (since it is the "this"

Typemaps are for types, not functions and are independent of whether or not a function is static. I don't really understand your problem, probably you need to look at %exception instead.