On Sat, Mar 31, 2012 at 2:57 AM, Leif Middelschulte <leif.middelschulte@gmail.com> wrote:

Just to make sure:
You know that you can apply git patches just as you can apply svn
patches. There is no difference other than the path. 
Just switch to branches/gsoc-2009-ashish/ (don't know the exact name)
and try patch < patchfile.patch

Yes! I already tried that before guessing that the GIT patch file format is different compared to a ‘normal unified diff’ patch
If this doesn't apply that's maybe because I did it on top of rebasing
your branch on trunk.

So you'd either have to apply the rebasing patch+this patch or

That appears to be the reason. Only now, I noticed the rejects been saved to configure.in.rej after I changed the pnum.
_simpler_ just clone my objc branch from github to try things out.


I can try that for sure. But, JFYI, I have been working on the gsoc-ashishs99 branch to tune it before the gsoc coding period. So it may be wise to keep your git branch in sync with the svn branch. 

I guess I could provide a patch for that specific branch as well (non
rebased), but there's actually no reason to do so. As soon as Obj-C
get's in shape one would have to redo the trunk rebasing work I
already did.
The merge is going to be easy anyway. The changes required for adding in a new language are rather isolated and hence very few chances for conflicts.