The simplest example still does not work on scilab 5.5 in xubuntu!!  I am getting incredibly frustrated with swig+scilab.  I have a very boring xubuntu virtual box on an OSX host - its quite fresh installation - this is my testing server.

I built swig with scilab support from the gsoc2012-scilab branch using

./configure --with-scilab=/home/ian/Downloads/scilab-5.5.0/bin/scilab-cli --with-scilab-inc=/home/ian/Downloads/scilab-5.5.0/include/ --prefix=/home/ian/swig_scilab

then make, make install.  I then did a

/home/ian/swig-scilab/bin/swig -scilab example.i

in the Examples/scilab/simple folder of the swig source.  It generates builder.sce and example_wrap.c files.  I start up scilab-cli. I run exec builder.sce.  It builds

I try to load the module from scilab-cli using

exec loader

using scilab-cli as per the instructions, I get the following output:
-->addinter(libexample_path + filesep() + 'libexample' + getdynlibext(), 'libexample', list_functions);
nlibext(), 'libexample', list_functions)
                                         !--error 236
addinter: The shared archive was not loaded: /home/ian/Code/swig-scilab/Examples/scilab/simple// undefined symbol: Foo
at line      20 of exec file called by :   
exec loader.sce

The generated clearly has the Foo symbol exported.  A snip from nm

00000000002052e0 b fname
                 U Foo
00000000000032ab T Foo_get
0000000000003381 T Foo_set
00000000000014f0 t frame_dummy

There's no way to debug anything as far as I can see.  The shared library has the symbol, it won't load it. I would so love to wrap my library for scilab, but the current situation is not good.

On Tue, Aug 19, 2014 at 5:43 PM, Simon Marchetto <> wrote:

I did some minor modifications on braces for coding style, and a few
fixes in documentation.
I think this branch is ready and won't have any other changes in this
summer :-), except if you ask.



Le 11/08/2014 20:02, William S Fulton a écrit :
> On 08/08/14 17:13, Simon Marchetto wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have fixed all the remaining issues.
>> For most of them, I follow your indications, for a few I could'nt.
>> Below you can find the details.
> Thanks, I'll look over them in the next few days.
>> I am having now a last look on the code and the documentation.
>> For example checking the coding style. About this : documentation says
>> to apply K&R style on C/C++ module  source code. But on typemaps source
>> code ?
> Use the same style as in the SWIG source code, but using spaces is
> better than tabs because you don't know what the tab setting for users
> is set to. Can you let me know if you're going to make changes in this
> area?
>>   - Can you add the Swig banner to all generated files please, it is
>> missing in a few of them.
>> Which files ? There are files like loader.sce with no SWIG banner,
>> but they are generated by Scilab.
> Okay, that makes sense then.
> William

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