Thanks to everyone for your work on SWIG, much appreciated.

We've been successful using SWIG to wrap our C++ API for use in Python.  We would like to do the same with Matlab.

Searching around, there seems to be lots of interest in a Matlab target for SWIG, but I don't see any clear winner in the development race.  Is there a community sense of what is working?

I see the following approaches:  (not touched in 1 year)  (marked 2001) (2012 MS Thesis)

SWIG to Java and then Java to Matlab.

SWIG to C (not supported?) and C to MEX to Matlab.

We've done some C++ manually wrapped to C to MEX to Matlab with success, but we'd like a more clean path.

Non-SWIG solutions: (last update 2001)

Has anyone considered lobbying Mathworks about taking on a Matlab target for SWIG?  It seems to me that it is clearly in their interest, and it doesn't seem like it would take a huge amount of effort/resources.

Thanks for any help,