Hi all,

I'm following steps on this link to have OpenCV linked with Octave,
I installed swig and I $ ./configure --with-swig --with-octave , and it shows:

Wrappers for other languages =========================================
    SWIG                      /usr/local/bin/swig -c++
    Python                    yes
    Octave                    yes

But when I $ make , I got this error
_cv.cpp: In function 'CvArr* PyObject_to_CvArr(PyObject*, bool*)':
_cv.cpp:3109: error: 'PySwigObject_Check' was not declared in this scope.

I'm on Ubunut 10.04 , and I have Swig 1.3.39, Python 2.6 , and Octave 3.2.3

Any help would be really appreciated.

Sarah M. Hassan