Did you include stdint.i to your interface file?

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Date: Sun, Mar 2, 2014 at 10:37 PM
Subject: help in swig arguments for calling C++[urgent]
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I'm new to Swig and I have a problem with calling one of my c++ function via swig. My function has the signature:  virtual bool boot(uint16 &id)
This is listed in a namespace like:
Host::abc::server.cpp and the server.cpp file has the above function. I have written a wrapper and all other functions are working fine. But the call to this function is failing saying that argument expected is unit16&. I tried various methods of typemapping the input argument. But nothing is working. I need help on handling this.

This is what I tried:
%apply Host::abc::server::boot* {Host::abc::server::boot&};
and also in a generic way, But nothing worked. Appreciate your help on this


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