Some really great work there, great! I have pulled those commits.

Two major remaining tasks are to add support for multiple modules and directors. I will make a shot at multiple modules and then I will transition to work on wrapping my C++ project and address issues appearing out doing that.

It would be really great if there are more people willing to contribute, for example by setting up the unit testing.

Best regards!

2014-06-28 17:43 GMT+02:00 Kris Thielemans <kris.f.thielemans@gmail.com>:
Hi all

Some more progress checked-in at  https://github.com/KrisThielemans/swig

 * fixed problem in typecheck for passing mxArray (was still using Octave classes)
Therefore we can now write functions that take mxArray objects and do something clever with them.

* emit autodoc for functions (and remove Octave-specific texinfo stuff)
In some cases, the documentation string still contains C++ types as opposed to matlab types (this is indicated as a TODO in matlab.cxx).
There is still no class documentation (not sure where I'd get it from anyway).

This is now working well for me. A few remaining problems:
- the memory problem with "clear all" from the previous email
- I think we need to change the solution for indexing (I don't think we can rely on the user making a "getitem" function)
- in a few cases, I'm still missing a set function for variables (derived class?)
- no automatic test cases (swig tests don't work on windows as far as I can see, and I don't have matlab on linux at present).
- no documentation