What I wrote above was not quite the last iteration. What I did in the end was just like you suggested, MyClass.x() and MyClass.x(v). In MATLAB this makes sense, since the parenthesis for a function with no arguments is optional, meaning that you will refer to the getter as "MyClass.x", e.g. "x = MyClass.x;". It would be nice to have the syntax "MyClass.x = 4;", but this has the different meaning "create a structure named MyClass with a field named x" in MATLAB, a behavior that cannot be overloaded.

So in conclusion, for global variables "value = mymodule.x" for the getter and "mymodule.x(value);" for the setter. For static class variables "value = mymodule.MyClass.x" for the getter and "mymodule.MyClass.x(value);" for the setter. The "mymodule." prefix can be skipped by first doing "import mymodule.*".

I decided to handle constants the same way, but without the setter. Enums are also handled this way currently, but I consider changing that to generating a MATLAB "enumeration class.".

Thanks for feedback!

2014-04-22 8:00 GMT+02:00 William S Fulton <wsf@fultondesigns.co.uk>:
On 15/04/14 22:35, Joel Andersson wrote:

In any case, I went for the syntax "v = MyClass.x();" for getting the
value of static variable "x" and "MyClass.set_x(v)" for setting the
value. But that can easily be changed. I'll implement a similar support
for getting and setting global variables "v = x()" and "set_x(v)".

That is rather odd in my opinion. Either MyClass.x() and MyClass.x(v) should be used or MyClass.set_x() and MyClass.get_x(). In Java, it is MyClass.getX() and MyClass.setX() as this is the commonly used Javabean pattern. I'm not saying you should copy this pattern, but at least getter/setter syntax should be what is normally used in Matlab for setting properties/variables (whatever that is) or should be symmetric in its naming (use both a set and get prefix).


Best regards,

2014-04-15 21:36 GMT+02:00 William S Fulton <wsf@fultondesigns.co.uk

    Wouldn't the syntax be the same as in Octave? What does that do?

    On 15/04/14 13:30, Joel Andersson wrote:


        MATLAB does not support static member variables (static
        properties in
        MATLAB terminology) unless they are constant. And afact, there
        is no way
        of overloading "MyClass.my_class_variable".

        Are there any opinions on the preferred syntax for wrapping them?

        Options for wrapping a variable named "foo":
        1. Adding a get/set prefix and make static method:
        and "v = MyClass.get_foo()"
        2. Same, but without any prefix (checking the number of arguments):
        "MyClass.foo(v)" and "v = MyClass.foo()"
        3. Prefix only for set method: "MyClass.set_foo(v)" and "v =
        4. Something else?

        I don't have any static member variables in the public API of
        the C++
        code I write, so I do not really have any opinion.

        Best regards.

        P.S. Non-static member variables work just fine and have already
        implemented, i.e. "a = my_instance.foo;" and "my_instance.foo = a;"
        where "my_instance" is an instance of MyClass.


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Mobile: +32-486-672874 (Belgium) / +34-63-4408800 (Spain) /
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Joel Andersson
Ptge. Busquets 11-13, atico 3
E-08940 Cornella de Llobregat, Spain
Home: +34-93-6034011
Mobile: +32-486-672874 (Belgium) / +34-63-4408800 (Spain) / +46-707-360512 (Sweden)