Hi Andreas,

Thanks for the work you've done on this issue.  I've updated the bug report with my findings. I've changed your solution slightly to eliminate a memory leak, but I think now we've got the right code.  Can you check out the bug report and try it out?  Let me know if it's working well for you and then we can create a patch for consideration in the next release.


Best Regards,


Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2013 10:39:46 +0200
From: Andreas Sch?nle <aschoen@gwdg.de>
Subject: [Swig-devel] Issue with python builtin mode and director
To: swig-devel@lists.sourceforge.net
Message-ID: <51C2BFD2.20303@gwdg.de>
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Hello Everybody!

we were running into what seems to be a bug concerning de-allocation of
extended director classes in builtin mode that had been previously
described here:


I have added a comment there, describing what little I could figure out.
Is this the way to go for issues on the sourceforge site?
I noticed that things have moved to GitHub - would it be better to move
the issue there linking back to the original issue on sourcforge?

Thanks and best regards,