Maybe you could release the new features as a 2.9.x series, then release 3.0 once they're considered stable/finished?

Cheers, Karl

On 29 August 2013 07:57, William S Fulton <> wrote:
I've been thinking that it is time to pull together a bunch of nearly
completed work that has been done in the past and release it as SWIG 3.

I had in mind the following:
- C++0x/C++11 support
- Nested classes
- Doxygen support

Possibly also:
- Javascript
- Perl changes from Robert Stone

- Drop .NET 1.1 support (.NET 2.0 as minimum) for C#

I don't think there are many backward compatibility problems with the
above work, except maybe nested classes. However, I suggest a big
version number increment because the documentation and nested classes
have always been seen as main missing features, plus C++11 is a big
additional feature.

The main concern is that most of these are unfinished, so perhaps we can
release 3.0.x as beta versions until it is stable/finished. We can in
the meantime release 2.0.x versions until 3.1.0 is ready.

Any objections/agreement?


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