This Week:[Fixed Broken Examples,Objective C Structure Change ,Proper support for Test-suite Makefile]

a.)Fixed Bug  in typemap file(objc.swg):
Fixed typo in the typemap file by replacing NString with NSString.This was generating errors in executing some testcases.The fix removes errors.

b.)Fixed Broken Examples(Callback,Constants):
There was no code in runme.m files for the above examples because of which the examples were broken

c.)Proper handling and naming of variables
The change includes the proper naming  aswell as handling of variables in Example/  which makes code becomes easy to read and understand.

d.)Changed Objective C Structure-Renamed generated files and extension
    •    Changed Extension of generated file :This incorporates change in objc.cxx file by which all proxy files  have .mm extension rather than .m
    •    Renamed generated files by changing Proxy.m  to _proxy.m and to
            The change includes changes in  
            •    objc.cxx  
            •    Example/
            •    Example/objc/Makefile
Also, this change provides the better support for test-suite Makefile

e.)Proper support for Test-suite makefile
This change cleans in the target in Test-suite Makefile  and make better use of file.


Next Week:
a.Fixing broken Examples
b.Writing Test cases
c.Fixing some Rough edges