I have to wrap the following function:
template <class T, int O> Foo<T,2> Function( Foo<T,2*O>, Foo<T,O+1> )
where Foo is a class template.

I wrapped Foo and Function using %template for different T types et O values
in the usual way.
But it is not working.
I get error messages like:
 erreur: ‘O’ was not declared in this scope
 erreur: ‘O’ cannot appear in a constant-expression
refering respectively to the function wrapper lines:
 SwigValueWrapper< Foo< double,2*O > > arg2 ;
 Foo< double,2*O > * temp = reinterpret_cast< Foo< double,2*O > * >(argp2);
Is there a way to wrap this function ?

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