2011/4/5 William S Fulton <wsf@fultondesigns.co.uk>
On 04/04/11 10:19, Wei guangjing wrote:
I make a patch for swig go support windows port, please see the
attachments for patch.
This patch add -windows option for generate code for Windows.

It is highly unlikely that I will accept the -windows option. SWIG generates code that can run on any platform without any specific platform switches. Hence one can generate the wrappers on Linux and compile them on Windows/Solaris/whatever without any additional switches. There is very little platform specific code in the SWIG generated code. The little that there is done via the C preprocessor. Most of it is confined to swiglabels.swg. The Makefile.win in the example, is non-standard too. Can you provide a visual studio project file as that is what the majority of windows users use. Just copy one from another target language and adapt. I suggest you document the makefile in go.html instead.

Thanks William for review, I also unlike -windows, but Go don't support create shared library right now, so hard to make windows use same code as Linux, need special -windows option. For visual studio project file, Go only support mingw gcc on windows right now, don't suport vc++.


Wei guangjing