On Fri, Apr 1, 2011 at 2:42 PM, William S Fulton <wsf@fultondesigns.co.uk> wrote:
As SWIG has no runtime example anywherer for cffi, yours would be the first. This module is badly in need of runtime tests and the minimum required is a copy of the 'simple' and 'class' examples, so I suggest you turn your example into the 'simple' example. I don't really like to have different examples for each language module, unless testing a specific language module feature. There isn't a single runtime test and I don't accept many patches without a runtime test these days, so you'd need to add one in. The test-suite is documented quite well here: http://www.swig.org/Doc2.0/Extending.html#Extending_test_suite , but if you have any questions please ask. The top level Makefile is currently missing cffi test-suite and example support too, so that needs adding in too unfortunately.

Hi guys,

The good news is, I've got a much improved CFFI module going.  But I'm a little stuck now that I'm trying to figure out how to hook in my CFFI module tests to the swig testing machinery.

I read through the docs William mentioned above, but I'm confused about a couple of things. I'm hoping someone can clarify.

First, how do I get my Example/cffi/*  tests to run immediately. When I do make-cffi-test-suite, it starts a very long (on my slow box) chain of other tests. Secondly, I've looked through some of the stl.i and stl_vector.i code in the r module to get a feel for what they are doing, but I'm somewhat confused about what I should put in those required files.
Thanks for your help.

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jaten@virtub:~/pkg/swig/github/swig-cpp-to-cffi-for-common-lisp-enhancements/swig$ make check-cffi-test-suite
checking cffi test-suite
checking testcase abstract_access under cffi
checking testcase abstract_inherit under cffi
checking testcase abstract_inherit_ok under cffi
checking testcase abstract_signature under cffi
  C-c C-cmake[2]: *** wait: No child processes.  Stop.
  << Ctrl-c pressed >> because these are not the desired CFFI tests from Examples/cffi/check.list