I’m completely new to SWIG and trying to wrap C++ into C#.

One of my classes uses std::ostream. However, all my attempts to include swig’s “std_iostream.i” result in needing to suppress an error and swig hitting a syntax error “std_basic_string.i” file, even if I have nothing else in my own interface file.

The line in question is “%traits_swigtype(_CharT);” and is in a swig library file, included by “std_iostream.i”


Is anyone familiar with what is going wrong?

Additionally, can anyone explain how exactly one uses “std_iostream.i”, beyond just including it?



/* File : MyClass.i */

%module MyClass_module

%include <std_iostream.i>


C:\workspace\Release\include>swig -c++ -csharp -I"C:\Program Files (x86)\swigwin-3.0.2\Lib\std" -cpperraswarn myclass.i

C:\Program Files (x86)\swigwin-3.0.2\Lib\std\std_except.i(2) : Warning 205: CPP

#error ""do not use this version of std_except.i"".

C:\Program Files (x86)\swigwin-3.0.2\Lib\std\std_basic_string.i(44) : Error: Syntax error in input(3).









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