Hi all,

I'm almost new to the Swig and want to know about creating JNI from C++ code.
With the following command

swig -wall -c++ -includeall -ignoremissing -cpperraswarn -ISDKs/foundation/include -ISDKs/PhysxLoader/include -o physx4j.cxx -java -package org.physx4j.physx -outdir org/physx4j/physx physx4j.i

I created a jni wrapper, which the *.i file contains the path to the header files of the C++ library.
First of all I need help about using Swig for JNI correctly. I'm really in need for help.
Please guide me about the correct command parameters for JNI creation.

I get the following warnings when building jni from above command, that because java does not support operators, swig cannot wrap them.
What should I do?

Thank you,


Hamed Rafi.