I tried a number of permutations figuring that %attribute might not like it. It seems to be a bug where property setters never get invoked (which I think I might have fixed). I am using python 2.6 and swig 1.3.39

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How exactly are you using %attribute and which version of SWIG are you using? (older versions had a bug if the attribute had the same name as the getter or setter methods)


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I am having a hard time getting python style properties working when I have C++ methods. The docs seem to allude that it will do this for but it does not seem to be the case.


Take for instance this simple example:


class Cake {

    bool m_lie; // is this cake a lie?


    bool lie() const { return m_lie; }

    void lie(bool val) { m_lie = val; }



I tried using attribute.i but it seems to not work very well and is only documented in attribute.swg as near as I can tell? I also tried using the builtin python property function but since swig overrides the getattr and setattr functions or some such the setter does not function.