2009/7/29 Andrej Shalaev <andrews@seventest.ru>

, 28/07/2009 09:17 -0700, Mohan Parthasarathy :
> When the function is invoked, it coredumps with "Bus error". I can't
> figure exactly which part of the function it coredumps. I will verify
> soon whether the real C function is called at all or not. I will try
> to get more information..

Let start from the question "what is a bus error?".

Bus error is a kind of "hardware error" caused by improper memory
handling. Most often it's caused on the specific hardware platforms
(i.e. Sparc) with more strict memory handling (alignment) requirements.
Most often cause of throwing "bus error" is:

Invalid address alignment - The program has attempted to read or write data that does not fit the CPU's memory-alignment rules.

More complexed discussions about "bus error" can be found on the

So it brings up some questions for you:
1. What's hardware platform you're working on?

Mac OS X 10.5

2. Does bus error occure if you're using your C-library directly from

3. Is SWIG officially compatible with platform you're working on?

See my other mail on where exactly it fails. It fails in parsing a structure.


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