Thank you guys for your feedback.
You are right Marvin the %typemap(out) seems to support a signature like "MyType MyClass::MyFunction" but effectively the %typemap(directorout) seems not.
But even if it did there are still other cases where I don't know how to specify the method name.
For instance consider the following two methods of the same class.
int foo1( Type value );
int foo2( Type value );
Say I want to apply a different "%typemap(in) Type" to each method how can I do this with the argument name being the same ?
BTW in my case I cannot write an interface file so I'm stuck with doing a %include of the original C++ .h file that has those two methods.
William I did look at the typemap pattern matching rules in but I found nothing about specifying method names in there.  Did I just miss it?
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De: Marvin Greenberg <>
Date: Mardi, 4 Septembre 2012, 7:57 am
Objet: Re: [Swig-user] How can I specify different typemaps depending on the method being wrapped ?
└: William S Fulton <>
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> On 12/Aug/31 4:08 PM, William S Fulton wrote:
> >On 28/08/12 16:50, ╔ric Cabot wrote:
> >There is. Read about the typemap pattern matching rules in
> > Hint -debug-tmsearch
> will help.
> >
> But see my post.  It seems like something in what is being
> passed for directorout does not include the method name when
> doing the search.
> Marvin