On Wednesday 01 May 2013 17:30:59 William S Fulton wrote:

> On 01/05/13 11:39, Geert Janssens wrote:

> > The multimap example is an exception to the above. It is set up to use

> > the test suite mechanism of running. Unfortunately there was also a bug

> > in the runtime script that resulted in a runtime error. I have fixed

> > this now, and adapted the Makefiles slightly to run the example

> > automatically when making it.


> Great, I have also fixed the 64 bit problem in the example now that it runs.

> > If you want all the examples to work the same way that is certainly

> > possible. I'm just not sure what the best strategy is (augmenting the

> > guile binary or loading the wrapped code at runtime). And it may also be

> > nice to demonstrate both forms for interested users.


> Let's keep to both approaches. Once you have got them all working, my

> intention is to put the running of these into the Examples/Makefile to

> be consistent with all the other languages. See guile_run target in that

> Makefile. An equivalent called something like guile_run_augmented can be

> added to run the augmented interpreter. Is 'augmented' the proper name

> for this kind of approach?


I'm not sure. This is new territory for me as well. I just borrowed this name from Lib/guile/guilemain.i


The initial comment in there talks about generating a user augmented guile.

So I guess that name can be used for this technique.