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On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 7:19 AM, Ashish Sharma <> wrote:
Hi Fulton!

For this class, the interface would look as below:

@interface Foo 


int ii;


- (id) init: (int) i;  // id is like void*, and init is a formal constructor for any class

- (int) getl; // there are no const functions in objective c as yet

+ (Foo*) makeFoo: (int) i; // + for static, - for instance member function

+ (void) modify: (Foo*) f (int)i; 


On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 1:24 AM, William S Fulton <> wrote:
Ashish Sharma wrote:
Hi all!

I am a computer science graduate student at University of Minnesota -Twin Cities and I am willing to discuss a project idea for SWIG Google summer of code.
I have an idea to build an objective C wrapper generator over C++ using SWIG i.e obj-c as the target language to SWIG. This  could be extended to, for example, automatically generating Objective C interfaces over MICO <> CORBA bindings. I have done this once with my self-written code generation framework but that is owned by the company I worked with plus since that framework was in Perl it was difficult to share it and maintain it. SWIG seems to be a mature generator meant specifically for wrapper and interface generation so it provides an exactly ground for this idea. Doing this would essentially mean that objective c users would have a descent CORBA solution available in objective C with powerful MICO c++ bindings underneath - a combination not yet available.

I have discussed this idea on the swig-gsoc IRC channel and was given the suggestion to post this idea here. Could I get some thoughts of experts/mentors on this group about this project. I would appreciate any suggestions/ideas on this.

I understand that Objective C is used a lot in Mac OSX programming. We'd be interested in hearing from any Mac people who would find having Objective C wrappers useful and if anyone familiar with Objective C could help bring this to life by using their Objective C skills in mentoring this project (for which there is a payment).

Ashish, do you have a use case, how would it work? Say the following C++ code needs to be made available to Objective C users, what would the interface code look like?

class Foo {
 int ii;
 Foo(int i) : ii(i) {}
 int getI() const {
   return ii;
 static Foo* makeFoo(int i) {
   return new Foo(i);
 static void modify(Foo& f, int i) {
   f.i = i;