Am 2/14/14 6:13 PM, schrieb William S Fulton:
Can you please replicate the examples already there, just the simple and class will do, but more if you like. These are the 2 examples which should be the same across all languages which I think is useful for users and developers who are not particularly familiar with the multitude of different languages. Could you also fill any missing gaps required by


Hi William,

I think I am getting close now.

I have merged the current swig/master into my development branch and fixed all regressions.
Now I have merged --squash my development branch into my master:
After that I edited the merge commit and removed some files that should not go into the trunk.

Find the squashed merge commit here:

I updated the global travis configuration adding three javascript runs to the matrix (nodejs, jsc, v8).

The Javascript documentation html is not yet processed with make_chap (though, the configuration is in place).

Regarding the Extending-Prerequisites:
1. Demonstrate basic C code...
2. Demonstrate basic C++ code ...
-> Working example suite; 'simple' and 'class' are explained in more detail in the documentation.

3. Modify, and Examples/ to run these examples...
Done. also checked that it skips when no interpreter is installed.

4. Get the test-suite running ...
Basically it is working. I am waiting to see how it is working now after merging...

5. Provide a chapter in the html documentation...
Done. Could probably need still some tweaking.

6. Ensure your source code is formatted according to the coding style guidelines.

7. Finally, email the SWIG developers with a patch and a demonstration of commitment to maintaining the language module, certainly in the short term and ideally long term.

Hereby I give my commitment to maintain the module in the long term.

So, let's wait if the test-suite eventually runs through.

Anything else left?